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Office in Hagastaden?

Do you work in life science and feel that this is a house for you? Forskaren has offices for 50-500 people and large floors that allow flexibility. Do you want to know more?

Ready to move in Q3 2023

30% progress
30% progress

Flexible Work Spaces

24 000 m²

To subway

1 min


61 000

Rooms with a view of the future

Offices for gamechangers and innovators

There’s no real change without happy co-workers and talents. Innovation comes from a place of trust, a place where ideas can be tried, tested and tried again. Where your co-workers can try and try again. That’s where the magic happens. And we believe that Forskaren can be that place.

At Forskaren we offer a wide variety of ways to work and play, with 24.000 square feet of flexible offices, communal spaces and the latest in smart and functional food. Forskaren is a safe and creative space for bright minds and big thinkers, as well as an inspiring life science playground open to the public.

Finding the right one

Attractive solutions for the next generation

The area around Forskaren hosts some of the most interesting life science companies in the world. It’s also the hub of Swedish health tech, boasting giants such as Bayer and Karolinska Institutet. This is a place where talent is in abundance – and employers too. Forskaren’s flexible offices and creative concept can play an important part in attracting the right young minds to your business.

A house that never sleeps

Open doors, open minds

Science is for everyone! And at Forskaren the doors will be open to anyone wanting learn more and explore the field of life science. Events, talks and exhibitions challenging our ideas and perceptions, as well as the latest in smart food and drink, will make Forskaren’s ground floor a veritable life science playground.

I believe and hope, that Forskaren can help people, ordinary people, to open their eyes to the body. How amazing it is and how we can best take care of our body and health purely physically, but also mentally.

Anna Norlander Infectious disease physician

Research on the menu

Crunchy crickets or plant based beef? The future of food is always on the plate at Forskaren. Discover new favourites or stick to the classics made new at our cafés and restaurants, while helping out with important research at the same time.

Forskaren right now

We are currently working with architects from 3XN and tenants on the design and spaces in Forskaren. We’ll post a progress report here shortly, but can tell you right that it’s looking good!

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